Moment of then and NOW

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I took a walk down memory lane to learn what happened before my term and what is going on:

Young BPW International October 2008 Newsletter

A beautiful message from Viktoria Balensiefen, Past Young BPW Europe Representative (2005-2008), shared an inspirational message about  BPW International and what makes it so special. “Remember the sentence from JFK: “Don’t ask what the Federation can do for you, but ask what you can do for your federation”?! Yes, within BPW we usually give before we take. Otherwise a Federation like ours would extinct. And yes, it is work and it is for some time. BUT: you have the great opportunity to take out of this what you need.”

As you can see WE were busy then and WE are as busy now. If you are still discovering what BPW has to offer, please take a look at the current updates from the Young BPW’s in New Zealand below:

Young BPW NZ newsletter September 2011

Looking forward to hear updates/happenings/news/projects from all BPW members in all countries around the world to show how WE have learned, how WE have grown and how WE are making a difference together!

Warm regards,

Anastasia Victoria Safarian
Young BPW International Representative (2011-2014)

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