Young BPW member receives Yvonne Hebert Funding

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It is with great pleasure to announce that Aminata Sidibe – Young BPW Representative of BPW Bamako (Mali) – is the recipient of the funding through a generous donation of the late Yvonne M.T. Hebert. She was selected because she of her work in a Least Developed Country and will be one of 10 individuals who have been selected by UN Women to attend the first week (27 February to 2 March 2012) of the fifty-sixth session of the Commission on the Status of Women CSW56.

Congratulations to Aminata and to Africa!

Freda Miriklis

BPW International President 2011 -2014

First, my thanks go to BPW International, although recently created our BPW Bamako found a place within the organization and was easily integrated with the support of the executive  board and the first Vice President Huguette Akplogan Dossa.
I was very pleased about the results of the Yvonne Hebert Funding Program and also happy with my selection by the UN Women to attend the first week (February 27 to March 2) of the fifty-sixth session of the Committee on the Status of Women: CSW 56, 2012. Since last year, I wanted to participate in the Committee on the Status of Women at its fifty-fifth session: CSW 55, 2011, unfortunately I dropped it because I did not have the funds to meet the needs of my trip to New York. This year, I would be back with Yvonne Hebert Funding Program. A big thanks to UN Women to achieve my dreams and the gift. Participate in the fifty-sixth session of the Committee on the Status of Women CSW-56, would be an opportunity for me to have a leadership training, mentoring, exchange ideas with other participants, to have professional experience, access to an international level networking and have a much broader issues of women locally and internationally. As Representative and President of Bamako YBPW AJADF (Youth Action Association for the Development of Women of Mali), I would like to devote myself to the protection and promotion of the interests of women in socio-economic   development for the achievement of their full civil rights and moral.

Thank you very much to all of you and best wishes for 2012!

Aminata Sidibé
Young BPW Représentative Bamako


  • Congratulations Aminata! I wish you a very fulfilling experience. Hope to meet you when you come to New York.

  • Aminata Sidibe

    thank you Keachea ! hope to see you in New York

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