Unique chance for Young BPW – Isolde Fritsch–Albert Prize

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Mrs. Isolde Fritsch-Albert, BPW Ticino, Switzerland, offers an annual 5000 Euro Prize, the “YOUNG BPW International Prize for Excellent Professional Performance

known as “Isolde Fritsch-Albert Prize” for a Young BPW who preformed excellently in her professional life.  Candidates have to be a Young BPW on 31 December 2012 and a BPW member for at least 2 years.

The Prize will be presented

  • one year at the Annual Meeting of BPW Ticino, Switzerland,
  • one year at the BPW International Congress and
  • one year at the BPW Europe Regional Conference.

Travel expenses and accommodation get offered.

Deadline for applications: February 15, 2013

To apply, please visit BPW International website.

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    The 29th BPW International Congress
    Date: 23rd to 27th of October 2017