Board recruitment: let’s focus on Young BPW members

Posted on March 26, 2013 by youngbpwi in BPW International

How many young women are currently volunteering on committees or assisting with events within your respective regions? Are any of them serving on a board? Have you ever asked them?


To meet BPW’s commitment established as a resolution below, let’s do something! Let’s lead “Women on Boards” by example and encourage Young BPW members to serve on BPW Boards. This will provide an opportunity for our young members at the start of their careers to learn, contribute and grow within BPW.

(2002 – 11)
RESOLVED that BPW International encourage each Affiliate to establish an elected position on their national Executive exclusively for Young BPW and that this position be a board position and also responsible for chairing the Young BPW committee within the country.
And further RESOLVED that BPW International encourage each Affiliate to urge each club within their country to establish a similar position at the local club level.
And further RESOLVED that BPW International encourage each region to establish a similar position at the regional level.

How can we achieve this? By letting young members know that you are recruiting for the board. Identify the level of commitment and skills needed and describe the benefits of serving on the local board:

•Résumé building
•Networking opportunities
•Leadership development
•Contribution to organization’s future

Encourage current board members to become ambassadors and ask them to share their experiences. Reassure young members that they can fulfil the roles and encourage them to bring fresh ideas.

So, what do you say?

Please take few minutes of your time and provide your feedback:
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