“I Want To Achieve” Campaign by Young BPW International

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Wednesday 18th September 2013

Global Appeal Video By Young Women Is Fast Becoming A Global Viral

The Young BPW International is excited to announce the launch of our new campaign today http://iwanttoachieve.com/.

Anastasia Victoria Safarian“It is hard to believe that a thought that was said out loud a few months back, is now actually becoming a reality” says the Young BPW International Representative, Anastasia Victoria Safarian.

The Young BPW International is a part of BPW International and every young woman up to the age of 35 years is automatically a Young BPW as she joins a local BPW club. BPW International is one of the largest international networks world-wide and has one of the most influential international networks of business and professional women with affiliates in almost 90 countries on 5 continents.

Rashida Beckles“I Want To Achieve” Campaign was born as a simple idea that every woman can make a difference and we are the future. It quickly became an initiative of the Young BPW International and now they are launching a worldwide campaign to get everyone and women of all ages in particular to feel empowered. Empowerment is achieved in many different ways and the young members of the organization identified the need to reinforce it.

This campaign was born about the same time I gave birth to my son, Ethan. The joy of becoming a mother for the first time was nothing I have ever experienced before. It also made me realize that achievement small or big will leave an imprint on the present and the future. For me personally ‘I Want To Achieve’ Campaign is to show my son that with hard work and dedication everything is possible and at the same time I want to show the world that even a small idea can have a big impact!” says Safarian.

The video features young women of various nationalities holding a message of their desire for the world. It also has compelling statistics to show that the world is still behind in gender equality at many levels.To support the campaign, women of all ages are encouraged to submit a photo with a message to create a global mass voice of recognition and change.

Sachkia BarnesFor media enquiries, please contact Young BPW International Representative at youngbpw@bpw-international.org


  • Tommasa Schipani BPW Italy

    Yes, you are the future! I am very Happy.

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