2013 Year in Review

Posted on February 13, 2014 by youngbpwi in BPW International

2013 Update by Young BPW International Representative (2011-2014)

In 1985, BPW International identified the need to provide the opportunity for young women at the start of their careers to learn, contribute and grow within BPW International. Thus, Young BPW International was born, and today women under the age of 35 have an outlet to address issues and challenges that are particular to their age group.

Now the time has come to involve Young BPW International in contributing to the future of BPW International. Young BPW International is asking all the affiliates to commit to the resolution passed at Congress (2002-2011) and establish a Young BPW International Representative position on all BPW International Boards. In support of this resolution, the “2020: Young BPW International on Boards” project was born. The aim of the project is to attract new young members and other members’ role model inclusivity and leadership within the organization.

A video campaign, “I Want To Achieve”, was launched by Young BPW International in September 2013 that aims to support membership growth and give virtual visibility to BPW International. The video campaign encourages women of all ages to follow their dreams and to contribute to their communities while providing compelling statistics to show that the world is still behind in gender equality at many levels.

The future of Young BPW International is exciting. The fresh website look, active online presence and face-to-face meetings all around the world are all providing positive feedback about the commitment of women under 35 to the BPW International aims and goals. The power of innovation and technology is changing the world. In order to reach gender equality, to find a new life-work balance and to adopt to all the necessary changes, more than ever we should encourage inter-generational sharing of knowledge and respond to the exchange of ideas.

  • Upcoming Events

    The 29th BPW International Congress
    Date: 23rd to 27th of October 2017