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By Yue Fang, Young BPW UN Representative

Yue and Sarah Thomas from Switzland
Women at the Top: Making THE Economic and Political Difference:
There exists a silent culture for women in many countries. It takes tremendous courage to break it. It is good to nurture such courage at a younger age rather than later and education is the key. Currently, there’s a lot of attention on girls’ STEM education, which is great. However, it is important to remember that family education is just as vital as schooling, if not more, in this regard. We need many more role models, especially female family members who play a big impact during a girl’s growth. Also, it is essential to teach girls being critical about media and keep them from the negative influence from media.
Women at the top
Mrs. Richter stated how important it is to establish a corporate culture that values women. Not only shall we advocate for women when they are there but also when they are not. She also recommended that all women find a sponsor who can actually supports our career.
It is also important to note that high income does not guarantee equality. There are many companies whose majority staff members are female. However, it is because the owner is a male that many women’s voices are not decision makers.
Is Interfaith Work Empowering Women?
I heard from the panelists that there was once a forum for people with different religions to gather and pray together. It was said to be very peaceful and the participants enjoyed getting along well with people despite their differences.
Interfaith work1
A lady from Afghanistan told us: it is not the Karan that separates women from men. It is the men who had the power, deliver the wrong message to women who are not educated. The lady, with her organization, Afghan Women’s Resource Center, is using Karan as support to empower women.
Climate Change & Maternal Mortality and Disease
Migration is closely related to climate change. Due to Climate change, many lands are no longer arable. So many women, who are family breadwinners, lose their job in their homelands. They have to migrate. There’s no guarantee that they can find a job. Even if they do, very often, their work conditions are bad. Their children’s education and their connections with other family members become problematic too.
Climate Change
Another big takeaway for me is the big impact that lack of electricity has on women. In the areas where kerosene lamp is the only option, women’s and children’s health is seriously harmed by the pollutants.
Sustainable women’s Challenge for Japanese culture, with a performance of Japanese songs by a soprano 
Japanese music1
The music was so beautiful with moving messages. The songs were written by women and about women.
Japanese music2
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