Ukraine’s update

Posted on March 28, 2014 by youngbpwi in BPW International

Dear colleagues, friends, members of BPW,

In a difficult situation, the imminent danger of war on our land, we, the members of the Club BPW Chernihiv, feel the support of the European countries. We are thankful and grateful to the European Union for supporting the European integration course of Ukraine. As you probably already know, in Brussels, the political part of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU was signed, and we hope that this will be the first step towards the acquisition of Ukraine’s membership in the European Union in the future. We are very pleased and encouraged that the EU acknowledges Ukraine’s European aspirations and welcomes its European choice.

In the Agreement it is noted about respect for the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of borders of Ukraine, which in the current environment is very important. Today, in the modern world our country is being conquered. The war in the Crimea may be the beginning of World War III, because Russia deployed troops across the border with Ukraine. Chernihiv region is located in northern Ukraine, 40-50 km from the border with Russia, so we feel the threat of war very keenly. Women are in constant anxiety for the fate of their country, peace in the world, for husbands and sons who are now in the Army and the other men who are willing to defend their country.

Members of Club BPW Chernihiv raised funds to support the Ukrainian Army, families of soldiers of Chernihiv region, collect and pass on things, food, all necessary things. Despite the difficult, unstable situation in the country, our Club does not stop its activities for a single day. We hold meetings, events, training for the Club members, as well as charity events. For women of our city we held Fair “What a woman can do!” and Festival “Womenfest”, where women were able to escape from stressful, depressing environment in which we all exist, devote time to themselves, relax, socialize, support each other and relax.

Without your understanding, moral support and assistance at all levels of European institutions of the European Union, in each European country it will be difficult to repel aggression from Russia. We count on your solidarity with the women of Ukraine and members of the Club BPW Chernihiv.

Please distribute this message among the members of your clubs.

We believe in peace and stability in Ukraine, value and respect for human dignity.

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