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Dr. Yasmín Darwich Darwich

BPW Intl. Executive Secretary

BPW Projects in L.A. liaison

On March 21st, 2014, in the City of La Paz B.C.S., Mexico, the celebration of the XXII Anniversary of the BPW International Nursing School “Prof. Maria Silvia Salazar Salazar took place.  This Project started in 1985 by BPW International as a part of Project 5-O and was build thanks to the donations given by the BPW Affiliates around the world, the Baja California South State Government and the support of all the BPW International Presidents since PIP Rosemarie Michel term.DSC_0011

The celebration was organized by the School authorities, attending as BPW guests of honor were Professor Ma. Silvia Salazar Salazar, BPW International Coordinator of the Nursing School and Dr. Yasmin Darwich,  BPW International Executive Secretary and Liaison of the BPW Projects in Latin America.DSC_0034-SMILE

Present at the ceremony were the School and Government authorities, teachers and students. The students joyfully received the scholarships contributed by the Young BPW International and BPW International. On behalf of all the students’ one of them gave a very touching speech expressing their gratitude to BPW International for the great support that is given to them since the school opening and for the 40 scholarships received that day.  She also gave a special recognition to the Young BPW Members for their initiative of the watch raffle during the Europe Regional Congress to raise the funds for the scholarships. DSC_0121-ERASER

During the event we were surprised with the great news that the B.C.S. State Government donated more than $100,000 US Dollars to build a new cafeteria and a training surgery room of which we were honored to conduct the official inauguration. IDSC_0236-SMILE

It was a great opportunity to encourage the State Government authorities to continue granting their support to finish the construction of the school’s auditorium “Dr. Yvette Swan” which will be of great use and benefit to the students and to the whole community of the City of La Paz.20140321070022(4)-SMILE

Two days later Mrs. Nicky Badman, member of BPW Joondalup, Australia, visited the School to present the donation of $1,220 US Dollars for scholarships collected by her BPW Joondalup, Australia club members.IDSC_0265-SMILE It was a very productive visit, full of satisfactions and new expectations to continue working on one of the most significant projects of BPW International. We invite all the members of BPW International to join with their contributions to support more scholarships and to make a difference in the students’ lives and remembering that “at the end of the road your hands will be filled only with that which you have given”.DSC_0230-SMILE

A big thank you to the Young BPW International for their support and to the BPW International members that with their dues and special donations contributed to keep this amazing project as the best example of what we can build together.

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