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Posted on April 14, 2014 by youngbpwi in BPW International

Calling all Young BPWs to Congress!!

Hello to all our Young members, the rising stars of BPW!

I’m Anne, program coordinator for our upcoming congress — taking place here on Jeju Island, Republic of Korea, where I’ve lived for several years! (I’m from New York, by the way, a global citizen…and, moving to UK/EU just after our congress!)

I want to encourage all Young BPWs to come to Congress — it’s not too late to register! — and if you’re already planning to be there, I’d like to highlight some features for you:

First: we have an introductory workshop on Day 1: Young BPW, which is meant to provide the basics for those who are new to Young BPW and want to know more. It’s also a great place to meet up with other Young BPWs as congress begins!

There are a number of workshops that would be especially helpful for early-career women such as yourselves, such as:

  • Day 2: EDU2a: “Embrace Fear, Play Bigger, Change the World!” given by a Gen Y Blogger from Singapore;
  • EDU2b: “Tips for Corporate Career Success,” given by one of our members from Spain, an author and expert at climbing the corporate ladder;
  • CIV2: “Women on Boards” — how to get there and be successful at it, by a variety of presenters;


  • Day 3: Com3: “When Women are Well, Economy and Business Do Better” — how to stay healthy while working hard for success, by our Health Committee;
  • EDU3: “Gender-based Violence and Prevention,” how to stay safe;
  • CIV3: “Single Mothers Empowerment,” how to balance working life with child-rearing, especially if on your own;
  • GOV4: “Successful Project Funding,” how to get your dreams funded;
  • COM4: “Implementing WEPs: A Gen Y Perspective,” results of a collaboration between EPW-NYC and female students of NYU Stern School of Business;
  • EDU4: “Mentoring for Success,” how to get yourself mentored by successful women, and make the most of it;


  • Day 4: COM5: “Sourcing from Women Vendors,” how to find / utilize / collaborate with other women in business and trade, given by International Trade Centre;
  • EDU5: “Business Incubator Training and Mentoring Project,” BPW’s guide to successfully running your own business;
  • GOV6: “BPW Faces at the UN,” what it means to be a BPW representative to the UN–and how you, too, can get there; and,
  • COM6: “Equal Pay Day” for the politically-minded, on how to encourage government and private sector to equalize the pay received by women to that of men!

 Day 4: 26 May 12:45-1:45 Young BPWs lunch with the President

Of course, we begin with a BANG! with our exciting Opening Ceremony, have 3 plenaries with awe-inspiring speakers (such as, the gender experts of OECD and World Bank, among many others), and hold General Assembly meetings throughout — where you can witness and learn about full parliamentary procedure! We’ll have our election for the Executive of the upcoming triennium, too — and, select the 2020 site for Congress!

JejuSpeaking of that: Cairo is our next destination, in 2017, and BPW Egypt has a number of presentations, gifts, and performances lined up during this Congress meant to entice us all to Cairo 3 years later!

But first: KOREA! Jeju Island is a spectacularly beautiful ISLAND OF WOMEN — goddess mythology, female shamans, free-diving grannies, and much more! UNESCO-recognized for both nature and culture, and one of the world’s New 7 Wonders of Nature, it’s not to be missed!

Not only that: if you come to Congress on a Full (5-day) Pass, our host, BPW Korea, will give you a unique gift: a traditional Korean garment known as hanbok!

And did I mention our social events during Congress? THE event for Young BPWs, of course, is your Young BPW Night Out: Beach BBQ! First, a seaside BBQ / seafood / Chinese buffet — right next to stunning Jungmun Beach, where the party will naturally migrate after dinner!


There’s also the President’s Reception, Gala Dinner, Dine Arounds, Moonlight Walking Tours, Lunchtime B2B Networking / Author Series / Film Fest, and LOTS of exciting entertainment throughout!

AND: our International President Freda Miriklis is arranging to have a special breakfast with Young BPWs!

And so much more!! (For details, see our congress website:

200-9So come to Congress! Join 800 or so of your BPW sisters from more than 50 countries around the world! I promise you: it will be the experience of a lifetime!

See you soon, here on Jeju Island!


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