BPW International calls for action #bringbackourgirls

Posted on May 7, 2014 by youngbpwi in BPW International

The International Federation of Business & Professional Women (BPW International) is adding their voice to the global campaign #bringbackourgirls.  The campaign is calling for action by the Nigerian authorities to find and rescue over 200 young women abducted from an all-girls school in Chibok, Nigeria, by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram last month.

Reports have indicated that 276 young girls were abducted when armed members of Boko Haram overwhelmed security guards and pulled the girls out of bed and forced them into trucks, driving off in to the dense bush close to the border with Cameroon.

“It’s well known that women and girls are the most vulnerable in conflict zones, but the mass abduction of over 200 young women in Nigeria is beyond belief,” says Freda Miriklis, President BPW International.

“Education is vital for the empowerment of our young women.

“Our members the world over are appalled at this most disempowering and terrifying act and the lack of response from the authorities to find and rescue the girls and bring the perpetrators to justice.

“Our sisters in Nigeria have been attending the sit-in protest daily since it started and are on the Steering Committee of the “Bring Back Our Girls” initiative.”

The “Bring Back Our Girls” Initiative is engaging all relevant authorities in Nigeria to find a solution to this and other security issues in Nigeria.

“Every girl needs her mother and her family and we call on the Nigerian authorities to take action,” says Ms Miriklis.


For more information or to schedule an interview please contact Angela McLeod, Executive & Communications Manager, Office of the President, BPW International on angela.mcleod@bpw-international.org or via cellphone +64 27 4972761


BPW INTERNATIONAL is inspiring businesses, empowering communities and creating opportunities around the world.  We are Empowered Women Leading Business and the driving force behind lasting changes in your workplaces, marketplaces and communities.  We advocate for the empowerment of women at all levels, from the top and in the communities in which we serve and live.

BPW Nigeria was started over 50 years ago by Lady Obafunmilayo Manuwa and is an affiliate of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International) with representation in 100 countries around the world.  BPW Nigeria has a wide network of clubs in 13 states of the Nigerian Federation namely: Abuja FCT, Akwa Ibom, Benue, Ekiti, Enugu, Kaduna, Kwara, Lagos, Niger, Ondo, Oyo,  Plateau and Rivers  States and another 6 clubs are in the process of being inaugurated. The organization has been very active in its   communities on women empowerment programmes with a wide reach at all levels – from the top (board level) to the factory floor and at grassroots level levels through advocacy, mentoring, networking, skill building and economic empowerment programs.

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