A Letter from Outgoing Young BPW International Representative (2011-2014)

Posted on May 28, 2014 by youngbpwi in BPW International

At times, I try to imagine what life would be like in 2050. What problems we as a society will be facing? Violence? Economic Crises? Hunger? What will we as a society have achieved? Gender equality? Human Rights? Peace?

I don’t have the answers now, but what I do know is that I can contribute with my actions to the success of 2050. As the Young BPW International Representative for 2011-2014 triennium, I have contributed, learned, challenged and found a new appreciation for women of all ages and their contribution to society through business.


During my term, I was able to organize the Young BPW International Congress alongside BPW European Congress, with help of the Regional Coordinators I was able to assist Young BPW leaders to represent all 5 Regions, I was able to raise funds to support La Paz Nursing School in Mexico, BPW Quality School in Karachi, BPW Sri Lanka Change Project and BPW International Fund for Young BPWs to attend Congress, I was able to move communication online and establish Social Media presents for Young BPW International, with help of EPW NYS and our UN Representatives I was able to ensure BPW International was represented by a Young UN Representative, I encouraged young women to intern for Young BPW International, I was able to fully support the BPW Executive Board, but at the same time all my work would not have been possible without the dedication of BPW members. I thank all of you individually for all your efforts and support!

Now, more than ever before, the time has come to involve Young BPWs in contributing to the future of BPW International. The organization should fully commit to the resolution passed at Congress in 2002 and establish a Young BPW Representative position on all BPW Boards. In support of this resolution, the “2020: Young BPWs on Boards” project was born. The aim of the project is to attract new young members and increase leadership within the organization.

A video campaign, “I Want To Achieve”, was launched in September 2013 that aims to support membership growth and gives virtual visibility to BPW International. The video campaign encourages women of all ages to follow their dreams and to contribute to their communities while also providing data that shows that the world is still behind in gender equality at many levels.

BPW International members regardless of age are organization’s bread and butter. Member’s development is an on-going process of investing in the individuals that make up the organization and Young BPW members are a BPW International niche. To be sustainable, BPW International must be inclusive of our young leaders in the organizational road map. This will create a diversity of experience and skills, provide new and fresh points of view, allow access to expertise on issues and challenges facing youth and ensure that BPW International is truly representative of youth as an interest group.

The future of Young BPW International is exciting. The fresh website look, active online presence and face-to-face meetings around the world are all providing positive feedback about the commitment of women under 35 to the BPW International aims and goals. The power of innovation and technology is changing the world. In order to reach gender equality, to find a new life-work balance and to adopt to all the necessary changes, more than ever we should encourage inter-generational sharing of knowledge and respond to the exchange of ideas. I encourage all of you to continue your work and continue making the difference in the life of women around the globe. I thank all the Executive Board members for their support and I would like to thank all the members for giving me this unique opportunity to lead and leave my personal legacy with BPW International.

Congratulations to the newly elected Young BPW International Representative (2014-2017), Ketlin Tackman!


Anastasia Victoria Safarian

Immediate Past Young BPW International Representative (2011-2014)

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