Letter from new Young BPW International Representative 2014-2017

Posted on June 20, 2014 by youngbpwi in BPW International

Ketlin (2)Warm greetings from Finland! My name is Ketlin Tackman and I was elected as Your new Young BPW International Representative on the beautiful Jeju Island, at the 28th BPW International Congress.

I would like to send my regards and thank Mrs. Insil Lee, President of BPW Korea Federation, our Immediate Past International President Mrs. Freda Miriklis, the Congress Program Coordinator Dr. Anne Hilty and all the BPW women who worked on this great event and helped to make it happen!

I´m honored to be elected to this position.  There are 3 years for me to time to give my input. During this time, my aim is connect Young BPW members around the world to create an even a more united group that can make the difference together! We are living in different parts of the world. Our societies are different, our problems can be different, but beneath all of this, there is the same issue we need to work with: to empower women to gain the equality in business, in personal life, in human rights!

There is no highway to a better and more equal world (if there is, we have not yet found it). Supporting women to stand up for their rights is the reason we are here doing what we feel we need to do!  I am most  confident that we are able to change the world one step at the time. Sometimes even the small steps we take can make a big difference! The most important thing is that we are working together as a great group with 30 000 women in 99 countries supporting us in our work!

Working for an international IT company, I am also a wife and a mother of two superhyperactive little boys. I feel that despite of my still quite young age (under 36) I already have had to struggle with all of these “what, where, how and why´s” in my life.  In the position of Young BPW International Representative I do feel that there is plenty for me to give  and I will do the best with it, for You, with You!

I will also need Your input and help. I would highlight the power of communication. I can communicate with You through Your Regional Young BPW Representatives but also by using Social Media.

Young BPW International Webpage: http://youngbpw-international.org

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/YoungBPWInternational

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/young-bpw-international

Twitter: @YBPWI

Can´t forget our International events around the world! Please see the photo below. This photo was taken at the Farewell Party during the 28th BPW International Congress in Jeju, South-Korea. I think it is a great  evidence of how can work together. Countries presented from the left: Thailand, Norway, Finland, Nepal, Japan, Germany.

International friendship!_small

Photo by C. Seenprachawong, Thailand

I also need You to share information with me. Use Your Regional Young BPW Representatives, work closely with them, help them to gather the information from Your countries to inform the International level where we can share the  information globally and pick up the main points and the work well done and take that information, by using our UN Representatives, up to United Nations!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if You have any questions in mind.

Last but not the least I would also thank our Immediate Past Young BPW International Representative Anastasia Victoria Safarian for her great work for us during her term 2011-2014!

I wish You all a great summer! Together we can make a difference!


With Kind Regards,

Ketlin Tackman

Your Young BPW International Representative 2014-2017


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