Report: BPW Congress Jeju (May 2014) By Christelle Wouendji, Young BPW Mfoundi, CAMEROON

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Christelle WouendjiI am Christelle Wouendji, Young BPW Mfoundi (Cameroon). Member of BPW since 2012 and this international congress was the first one that I attended. I attended the Young BPW sessions during the European Congress in 2012 in Sorrento, Italy.

First, I want to point out that I had the honor to receive a scholarship award from Young BPW International Fund to attend the International Congress in Jeju. This scholarship covered registration costs and entitled me to the Full 5-Day pass which allowed me to be part of all the congress events.

The destination of the congress itself was just beautiful. This opportunity to discover first-hand the beautiful island of Jeju has been for me a source of delight. The positive points I want to highlight are numerous. I met lots of young members like me from around the world, but also inspiring women with impressive profiles. I was able to make contacts with potential mentors but also see a little of what is done in different countries in terms of social actions or business, through ITC for example. Many occasions allowed me to really work my network and position myself on a more global approach.

It was not possible to attend all the workshops, so I targeted those who were more related to the activities of my mother club in Cameroon, and one of such workshops really made ?me aware of the importance of empowerment and the awareness of women about their power and using that power to impact their community.

Nevertheless, I deplored the lack of coordination regarding the workshops for us Young BPW Members. It appeared that nothing had been particularly planned for us. It would have been more relevant if we had more workshops related to youth challenges and especially the opportunity to introduce themselves to each other, share everything that was undertaken in our respective countries or clubs. I think the work done by us, young, should be more valued at this kind of events.

BPW is really enriching for any woman who wishes to develop her full potential. After this congress, I feel more confident about my ability to put myself in the labor market. For me, these conferences were full of personal revelations and I am more motivated to more involve myself so that other young women like me can take the opportunity I had to decide to never sit and watch my life be controlled by men. I wish more of them can participate at congresses like this and experience business and entrepreneurship led by women, regardless of color, religion, or countries.

BPW is able to bring us more future prospects than we can ever think.


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