Report from Susanne Ilg, Switzerland: My personal experience at the 28th BPW International Congress

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My personal experience at the 28th BPW International Congress

Suzanne Ilg Switzerland 4

I am studying social anthropology and dream of working at an international level one day.

As I heard about BPW and the International Congress in Jeju I understood, that this was my chance. My chance to make experiences, to find out if I can survive at an international level and learn a lot for my further life. As I arrived in Jeju I was very nervous. It was the first time for me to participate at an international congress. I had no idea how it would be. Would they take me serious? As I entered the room I would have loved to just turn around.

But what happened? I had a great time in Jeju! I got in contact with a lot of amazing women and had very interesting conversations. They were interested and open minded. I got the chance to get in touch with people, who work where I dream to work one day. They took some time for me and so I had the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and network.

Furthermore, I could assist and this gave me the possibility to have a look behind the organisation of the congress. One day, I could help at the Girl Power Event. A lot of students from South Korea came and asked questions, how they could achieve their goals. It was amazing to hear their ambitious dreams and give them some advice, how they could accomplish their dream profession. The days were long and the nights short but it was an experience which helped me a lot for my further life.

I learned so much on different levels.

Susanne Ilg, Switzerland

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