“Board recruitment: let’s focus on Young BPW members” – Young BPW Survey Results

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This survey was conducted between March 2013 and August 2013 with a total of 28 respondents from 14 different countries.

The survey is called “Board recruitment: let’s focus on Young BPW members” and its main objective has been to collect information about Young BPWs participation on Boards with subsequent analysis of the results.

Moreover, it aims to understand how YBPWs could contribute to the sustainability of BPW International. Questions such as: “what are the effects if boards do not invest in YBPW’s nor include them on boards?” need to be answered in order to meet BPW’s commitment to encourage Young BPW members to serve on BPW Boards. This will provide an opportunity for young members at the start of their careers to learn, contribute and grow within BPW.

Please find the survey from the weblink below:

YBPW Survey Results FINAL

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