Please take a look at the venue of the next BPW International Congress in Cairo (Giza) in 2017!

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Please take a look at the venue of the next BPW International Congress in Cairo (Giza) in 2017! Will You be there with us at the historical site, Mena House right next to the Great Pyramid?

Warmly recommended! 🙂

The Mena House was built in 1869 for the Egyptian King Isma’il Pasha. Due to political matters in 1883, Isma’il sold the lodge to couple Frederick and Jessie Head as a private residence. The couple came expanded it. In 1885, it was then sold to an English couple, Ethel and Hugh F. Locke King. They immediately began construction on the hotel and opened it to the public in 1886 as The Mena House. The hotel is named after the founding father of the first Egyptian dynasty, Mena or King Menes.In 1890, the hotel opened Egypt’s first swimming pool that same year it was announced that the hotel would remain open year round.

During World War I the hotel was requisitioned by Australian troops and occupied again by the Australians in 1939. Toward the end of the war it was then converted to a hospital for wounded Australian troops. The hotel has been managed by The Oberoi Group from 1972 till 31 December 2012. In December 1977 Egypt and Israel sat down together at Mena House in quest for a peace settlement (also attending were American and United Nations representatives). The results of this Mena House Conference were to lead to the Camp David Agreement, which restored Egypt’s sovereignty over the Sinai peninsula.




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