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Young BPW International Representative 2014-2017

Ketlin Tackman FB

 Name:  Ketlin Tackman
 Country: Finland


Warm greetings from Finland! My name is Ketlin Tackman and I am your Young BPW International Representative.

My aim is to connect Young BPW members around the world to create a unite group of active young women who feel the need to advocate for women by fighting for their equal rights and status in different societies.

There is no highway to a better and more equal world (if there is, we have not yet found it). Supporting women to stand up for their rights is the reason we are here doing what we feel we need to do!  I am most  confident that we are able to change the world one step at the time. Sometimes even the small steps we take can make a big difference! The most important thing is that we are working together as a great group with 30 000 women in 99 countries supporting us in our work!

Even though I work for an international IT company, being a wife and a mother of two, I feel that despite of my still quite young age (under 36) I already have had to struggle with all of these “what, where and how´s” in life.  I do feel that there is plenty for me to give and I will do the best with it, for You, with You!


Young BPW Regional Representatives

Meet Young BPW Regional Representatives. Each regional representative works with the Young BPW International Chair and her respective BPW Regional Coordinator to ensure maximum reach and communication within her respective region. Please feel free to contact your Young BPW Regional Representatives with any questions or suggestions:


maria photo (2)_resizedName: Maria Socratous
Country: Cyprus


Hello everyone! My name is Maria Socratous and I come from Cyprus. I am your new Young BPW Europe Representative and we will be working together until 2017. I am really honoured to have been elected at this position and to have the opportunity to work closely with other wonderful women in promoting our rights for equality and raise our voices.

My aim is to further empower Young BPW Europe and give opportunities to young women to express themselves, develop their skills and improve their network. I am deeply engaged in gender equality and I am at the moment in the process of completing my PhD in the said field.

I do hope I will get a chance to meet, if not all, most of you during the upcoming years and please feel free to contact me anytime…I will be very happy to talk to you and assist you with your queries!

Name: Benedetta Palermo
Country: Italy



Name: Christelle Wouendji
Country: Cameroon


Greetings from Cameroon and more widely from Africa!

I am Christelle Wouendji, the new Young BPW Representative for the Africa Region, 2014-2017. I am much honored to be part of this new challenge for the next 3 years and I wish this triennial be focused on skills development and professional accomplishments for all the women in and out of my scope.

I am passionate about gender, women in business, networking…, and my studies in Human Resources and Organizational Psychology as well as my work as HR Manager and Business Coach continue to help me better understand topics such as the place of women in the workplace, the challenges they face and the importance of awareness but also encourage them at early age to take responsibility for their future, to not being victims of other’s decisions but become actresses of their destiny.My project for this next term is to work with the other YBPW in my area on a project on development of their own potential and to help them to value themselves, but also to learn how to strategically position themselves on an equal basis with men to achieve their goals.

I would like to encourage exchange between French-speaking and English Speaking countries, so they can grow up together, develop partnership and business relationship for those who work in the same domain.

I hope to meet all of you as soon as possible and I wish us good luck in our new functions.

Cheers, Christelle Wouendji

Asia Pacific

37otoha 3Name: Otoha Hayashi
Country: Japan


Kia Ora sisters!

My name is Otoha Hayashi, your new Young BPW Asia Pacific Representative for the 2014-2017 term.

I am originally from Tokyo, but have been living abroad since the age of 14 – in New Zealand where I attended a boarding school for 5 years, then now in Oxford (UK) since my first year of university. As I had spent my life growing up equally in Asian and Western countries, I’ve managed establish a great interest in Equality and Cultural Diversities. My Anthropology degree had especially taught me the reality of Gender Inequality in many communities, traditional or modern, at home and at work.

I was particularly shocked when I realized the inequality in salary, and you can imagine my excitement as I was introduced to an organization, who is fighting against it…BPW! During my term as the Representative, I would like to establish a foundation of a system where we can connect with the other BPW members, who may have more experience in particular fields that you are interested in, to get or to give advices just like sisters normally do in any community.

I hope to see as many of you over the next few years, so please flick me a message when visiting Tokyo or Oxford!

Name: Beth Candice Wu
Country: Singapore


Latin America and Spanish Speaking Countries

Name: Monica Rodriguez Corona
Country: Mexico


Supported by: Rashida Beckles, BPW Barbados

North American and The Caribbean Area

Name: Angelina Sookoo
Country: St. Kitts


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